Our Advantages

Meta Trader Trading Platform

ESA Trader offers online trading in FOREX via MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which is one of the world’s most recognized FOREX trading platforms for its reliability and stability. MT4 is highly regarded and very popular among traders. ESA Trader will furnish its students a variety of useful features including Elite Expert Advisors (EEA) and custom proprietary indicators, a complete technical analysis package, professional charting tools and others. MT4 allows tracing an unlimited quantity of charts for the different trading instruments in different time periods simultaneously. Each chart can be analysed with the help of a big set of the built-in indicators. Such opportunities of the program help to make a decision to purchase or to sell a trading instrument. Our automated risk management system is designed to reduce the risk of your trading account being depleted to zero or turning negative.

Continuous R&D and IT Excellence

In ESA Trader, we strongly believe in delivering innovative technology, institutional-level performance and world class service, which have been the catalysts behind our impressive growth. We offer adds-on (faster execution and superior reliability, automatic hedging capabilities etc.) with the combination of the best of breed server infrastructure, full resilient low latency network and our extensive disaster recovery policy. We also have our highly qualified maintenance team to support and cater with the growing demands.

Caring Customer Service

With our past years experiences in trading the financial and capital markets, we thrive to serve all our students around the clock, to allow them to make the most of their online FOREX trading. In addition, our technical expertise will also be able to assist all students in using our analysis systems. We value all the feedbacks and continuously improving ourselves. We make sure that any information required by our students is provided in a clear and accessible way without being misleading or confusing. We aim to help our students fully understand the features, benefits, risks and costs of the financial products they buy and minimize the sale of unsuitable products by encouraging best practice before, during and after a sale.

A Myriad Group of Traders

ESA Trader will have a good wide coverage of students/traders from all walks of life. With the diversity of people, we are using a combination of the converged technology of Web 2.0 and Telco 2.0 to create a strong platform for our students to share their experiences and knowledge among themselves. From time to time, we shall be able learn some real case studies among ourselves. We believe in creating a strong trading community, information will be able to flow smoothly. With the creation of social networking among students, ESA trader vows to create a proper value chain for all its students.