Entries and Exits FOREX Trading

1. Placing an order
Placing an order is like learning to drive a car – you will have to check a few things before clicking that mouse and pretty soon you will be able to place orders without any further assistance.

2. What is a stop loss
Stop loss or stop order is a feature that you can use to cut your losses when the market isn’t going your way. Do not place your orders without a stop order – stop orders save your capital and keep you in the game much longer.

3. What is a trailing stop
Trailing stop simply put is the number of pips the market should move your stop-order – if you trailing stop is set at 25 – then when you make 25 pips in profit, your stop-order is moved 25 pips too.

4. What is a bullish or bearish market
A Bullish/Bearish market is one that is controlled by the demand and supply of market – it’s a temporary period of the market. FOREX market is either bullish, bearish or sideways at any given point of time.

5. What is a sideways market
A Sideways market is one that is neither controlled by the bulls nor bears – infact, both bulls and bears are trying to get control of the market. Sideways market usually occurs when there is no positive or negative economical data from both the countries.