Company Profile

ESA Trader Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong, is a leading provider of online foreign exchange (FOREX) trading services. We offer serious individual traders, fund managers and investment institution clients our proprietary technology and tools to trade spot foreign currency online.

ESA Trader believes that Knowledge, Practice and Discipline are the 3 key factors which lead one to become a successful trader in FOREX trading. As you may be aware of, there are thousand of methods, systems and techniques being offered and circulated everywhere but yet there are only a small group of individuals being able to make profit from FOREX trading. Actually, there is no secret to succeed in FOREX trading. Subsequently, there is also not any single solution that can work for everyone. In fact, there are many aspects that require the individuals’ serious attention in order to achieve the title of “Successful Trader”. It is not as simple as getting all information available on the net/bookshelf and start trading.

Every experienced trader would have gone through many obstacles and painful processes before becoming a successful trader. We care about your path to be a successful trader. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or have some or little experience in FOREX trading, ESA Trader is capable of leading you to be successful in this lucrative business. With the simple yet comprehensive concept and applications, together with our hands on training and strict day to day trading guides, ESA Trader will ensure you to be rewarded in your daily trading and stay in the business forever.

Finally, Trading right from the very first day and maintain it as long as you want!

Company Values:
• Excellence – we are passionate about delivering results
• Respect – we believe that people are our most valuable assets
• Integrity – we apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards in our conduct …
• Lifelong Learning – we constantly and continuously look for ways to do things better
• Teamwork – we are a community with diverse strengths working together to achieve a common goal.